Cevege is as a textile agent and as a textile importer specialised in doing business with Far Eastern countries like for example China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia.

The company itself has been founded in 1978 by the late Mr. Charles van Gemert. Firstly developing our own (leisure wear) garments, which were manufactured in the Far East and sold in Holland , Belgium and Luxembourg.
Early eighties we developed next to the garments business a new unit; the import of (fashion) fabrics.

The volume of our own production of garments was slowly decreasing and the import of fabrics was quickly increasing. Together with the increasing quantity of importing fabrics, also our knowledge of fabrics was increasing rapidly.
Now, more than 30 years later, Cevege is still an active partner in the fabrics and garments market. With an extensive network of reliable suppliers in the various Far Eastern countries and a consistent and long existing (European) customer network we may conclude that Cevege is a reliable business partner with very skilled staff.

Already for many years we are trading with China. A (production) country which is rapidly developing and growing year after year. A country with large potential and possibilities. With foreign investments the worlds most modern factories are built and quality and production control are of a very high level.